Clean Water and Sanitation

Crystal Clear Rivers for Italy

Wildlife is returning to the clear water.

The famous rivers that run through Venice are the clearest they have been in years.

With the world going into lockdown due to the global pandemic, travelers are being warned to stay away from tourist hot-spots and non-essential trips have been stopped.  This means that there has been less boat traffic on the iconic Italian rivers, which has meant that the canal sediment has been allowed to settle on the bottom of the rivers.  The water is not necessarily cleaner, but appears clearer due to becoming more settled with reduced water travel and tourist trips.

This has allowed nature to return to rivers, including fish and swans, which has been important for the water’s ecosystems.

If you would like to read more about clean water, you can find information and resources on our Goal 6 learning page!

Posted by Claire Edwards 25 March 2020

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