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Ozone Hole Closes

The ozone provides a protective layer from the sun.

A rare, large hole that formed in the planet’s ozone layer has closed up, according to experts.

The hole started to form in March due to extreme temperature changes, and if it had started to move south towards inhabited parts of Earth, it could have posed a real danger.

The Ozone layer is a protective bubble surrounding the planet and acts as a filter to shield Earth from the sun’s most harmful ultraviolet rays.

The hole was caused by a very strong, cold polar vortex which reacted with CFCs in the atmosphere.  CFCs (Chlorofluorocarbons) used to be found in aerosol cans and have been banned for many years, however they still remain in our atmosphere.  As the vortex broke up and temperatures in the arctic increased, the worrying hole was also able to repair itself.

Whilst scientists are not sure yet whether climate change was the ultimate cause, many studies will now be conducted to determine if this did have an impact.

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Posted by Claire Edwards 23 April 2020

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