Penguins Inspect Zoo During Lockdown

Wellington makes a new friend. Image © Shedd Aquarium

A zoo in Chicago let some of their sweet residents roam the corridors - usually filled with the public - as the facility remains closed during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Shedd Aquarium allowed penguins, including one named Wellington, to explore the other exhibitions as an enrichment task – something they would never have the opportunity to do with the zoo open normally.

Zookeepers across the world have noticed various changes in animal behaviour since lockdown started due to drastic changes in daily routine, with many species such as chimpanzees actively looking for people at their windows and wondering where their visitors are.  Meanwhile, at Ocean Park in Hong Kong, Ye Ye and Ling Ling the giant pandas have mated naturally for the first time in a decade after taking advantage of the privacy lockdown has given them.

We hope one positive to come out of lockdown is a tiny new panda cub! You can watch Wellington’s field trip here.

Posted by Claire Edwards 7 April 2020

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