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Microplastics Discovered in Falling Rain

Plastic pollution is an increasing issue across the globe.

Microplastics have been found by scientists in rain water.

A new report published in the scientific journal, ‘Science’, has claimed that 1000 metric tonnes of microplastics fall in rain across American national parks each year – the equivalent of 300 million plastic bottles and expected to accumulate to 11 billion metric tonnes by 2025.

The scientists believe this is due to each and every person unknowingly ‘shedding’ tiny microplastics due to the significant and vast plastic pollution problem across the globe.

Microplastics are less than 5mm in size and enter natural ecosystems from cosmetics, clothing and industrial processes, as well as the breaking down of plastic pollution in our wild spaces and oceans. They are capable of absorbing and giving off harmful pollutants and chemicals, and there are concerns that they could adversely affect the health of both wildlife and humans.

To learn more about plastic pollution, check out our resources for Clean Water, Responsible Consumption and Life Below Water!

Posted by Claire Edwards 24 June 2020

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