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UK Renewable Energy Record Broken

Both the UK and the US have set new records during 2020.

Renewable energy use in the UK has been at an all time high for first ¼ of 2020.

Figures released by the Government have shown that 47% of energy used across the UK from January to April 2020 was generated by renewable methods including solar panels, wind farms and hydropower… smashing the previous record of 39%.

The data comes as Britain celebrated two months of being coal-free last week for the first time since the Industrial Revolution in 18th century. Back in May, America hit 100 days coal-free.   Both achievements have been hailed by scientists as a big step in the right direction for combatting climate change and hitting new zero emissions by 2050.

Coal has a carbon content of around 78%.  Coal has been routinely used to generate energy across the globe, however this has significantly advanced the impact of global warming on our planet and produces more emissions than any other energy source.

Posted by Claire Edwards 26 June 2020

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