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1.5°c Increase Target Under Threat

The target could be exceeded multiple times in the coming years.

The 1.5°c target threshold could be broken within 5 years.

The UK’s Met Office for the World Meteorological Organization has assessed that there is 20% chance that the global temperature increase threshold of 1.5°c will be exceeded in any year before 2024. There is also a 70% chance that the limit could be exceeded in any single month until then – the chances have more than doubled since the last assessments were conducted.

The limit formed part of the Paris Agreement of 2015 in which world leaders across the globe committed their countries to taking measures remain below this increase in a bid to tackle climate change.

To learn more about climate change and taking climate action, please read our resource page on Goal 13!

Posted by Claire Edwards 9 July 2020

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