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5 Simple Ways to Prevent Global Warming

Wildlife is heavily impacted by global warming. Image © Nasa

As the activities of the human population have developed, the average temperature of the planet has risen due to increased carbon-dioxide (CO2) emissions.

Our atmosphere is now trapping other harmful gases released by industrial processes and agriculture, causing the average temperature on our planet to rise more rapidly, natural disasters such as flooding, wild fires and droughts to occur more often, and greater harm to humans and wildlife alike. The good news is, there are minor changes you can make to help reduce global warming!

Use Your Vehicle Less

By walking, cycling or taking public transport where possible you could save up to 90% of CO2 emissions entering our atmosphere!

Turn Off Your Plugs

Turning off lights and electricals such as phone chargers, TVs and laptops when not in use rather than leaving them on standby saves a vast amount of energy. The less energy we consume, the less fossil fuels will need to be burned to keep up with demand!

Get Outside!

Further to tip 2, why not switch off completely and spend more time on activities that do not rely on electricity? Trade your games console and mobiles for spending time in nature, take a beach walk or read a book.

Use Only What You Need

There are obvious things to be mindful of such as food consumption and the products we purchase, but what about simple everyday tasks? Such as boiling the kettle? Or flushing the toilet? Learn more about every day energy consumption on our Affordable and Clean Energy learning resource page.

It’s All About Trees

Deforestation is the clearance of forests and woodland to make way for plantations, agricultural land and urban expansion. Not only does this pose a threat to wildlife, but also reduces the capacity of our planet to recycle CO2 from the air and produce oxygen. Join a local tree planting event and help to replenish trees in your local parks, or perhaps sponsor a tree or acre of forest. You could also switch your search engine to Ecosia, who donate 80% of their profits towards resolving deforestation – roughly 1 tree every 45 searches!

Posted by Claire Edwards 13 July 2020

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