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Child Malnutrition a Growing Issue for UK

Food poverty is on the rise due to COVID-19.

A new study has shown that nearly 2500 children have been admitted to UK hospitals due to malnutrition in the first 6 months of 2020.

A study of 150 hospitals across 50 NHS trusts shared the sad number, with predications of the true figure likely to be higher across the whole of the UK.

COVID19 is likely to have seen in increase in cases, which have doubled since the same time in 2019.  The food poverty charity Trussell Trust has reported an 89% increase in parcels given to starving households in April 2020.

A child devastatingly dies every 5 seconds globally due to hunger, and sadly developed countries are not exempt from food poverty – it is estimated that 870,000 children across the UK go to bed hungry.

Environmental issues are also rooted in poverty. To learn more about Goal 2 – No Hunger, please read our resource pages!

Posted by Claire Edwards 15 July 2020

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