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New Plastic Additive Could Support Plastic Pollution Crisis

UK scientists are testing an innovative plastic additive.

A British company is working on a new additive to add to plastic, that could help it to biodegrade in under a year.

Polymateria has announced that the additive is being tested in items such as plastic cups, cartons, bottles, bags, ice-cream wrappers, straws, lids and even PPE in Grangemouth, Scotland.  The additive will be introduced to Asia from September this year by sports giant Puma in their plastic bags – the company produces around 160 million plastic bags per year.  We can expect to see the new bags rolled out in Britain from next year.

According to waste management experts at Veolia plastic waste has increased by 20% during the COVID-19 lockdown period, with Polymateria stating that a third of all plastic ends up in nature.

To find out more about plastic pollution, view our solution page on waste management and the 3 Rs!

Posted by Claire Edwards 31 July 2020

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