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Company Produces Sustainable Dye for Denim

20% of industrial water pollution comes from textiles treatment and dye.

Start-up biotech company, Huue, is developing a bacteria that is the correct colour for dyeing denim rather than causing pollution by using toxic chemicals.

Currently, most denim is dyed using synthetic petroleum-based colouring.  An average pair of jeans requires 10,000 litres of water for production, much of which will be wasted and dumped into lakes, oceans and rivers along with the chemical dyes used to colour the fabric.  Huue hopes to change this.

The plant ‘indigo’ was the original go-to for denim colourant, however it is rarely seen nowadays as synthetic dye is quicker, easier and cheaper to produce.  Huue is incorporating the old methods of using plant enzymes and combining it with biological technology to produce a natural bacteria of the same colour for dyeing denim, which is now being piloted within the fashion industry.

Huue are the recent recipients of Melinda Gates Foundation $1million grant for female-led start-ups.

You can read more about sustainable consumption on our learning page for Goal 12!

Posted by Claire Edwards 22 July 2020

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