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Vermont Bans Food Scraps

Waste will need to be disposed of responsibly.

In a bid to reduce food waste, Vermont has become the first state of America to impose a legal ban on throwing food scraps into bins or landfill sites.

The act, in force from 1st July, prevents homeowners, restaurants and supermarkets from throwing away food and instead enforces a culture of composting.  Residents can also collect the scraps and either drop them to a collective point, or hire a company to pick them up.  The ban also includes garden material such as grass, leaves and wood.

The Agency of Natural Resources estimates that 20% of Vermont’s waste is made up of food scraps, which break down and release greenhouse gases such as methane.  San Francisco has a similar operation in place, however Vermont is the first to introduce the change through legislation.

Posted by Claire Edwards 6 July 2020

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