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Zero Waste Farmer Inspires Change

Inspiring agricultural change. Image ©

A farmer from Benin in West Africa is inspiring change across the whole of Africa with his zero-waste agricultural system.

A zero-waste agricultural system means that waste from one area of the farm acts as nutrients for other plantations, copying the process of a natural ecosystem through regeneration cycles.

Father Godfrey Nzamujo is a farmer, scientist and former professor who started his farm (named ‘Songhai’) over three decades ago with just one acre of land and a few seeds.  He hoped that the system would not only create additional jobs, but also food security in areas that were suffering from famine.  His success is now being used as a model across the rest of the African continent in areas such as Liberia, Nigeria and Uganda, having trained over 7,000 entrepreneurs and 30,000 workers through training programmes offered at his farm – including 300 workers who keep Songhai itself alive.

Posted by Claire Edwards 29 July 2020

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