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Beluga Whales Rescued!

Two captive beluga whales have been rescued and relocated to an Icelandic sea sanctuary.

The belugas, named Little Grey and Little White, were first rescued in June 2019 from Changfeng Ocean World Park in Shanghai by the Sea Life Trust.  They had not seen the ocean since 2011, when they were first taken from a Russian research facility.

Prior to their release into the new open water sanctuary in Klettsvik Bay, the pair had been acclimatising in a sea water pool adjacent to the bay.

This week, Little Grey and Little White’s story will be shown for the first time on ITV, as comedian John Bishop (an animal rescue advocate in his own right) documented their emotional and challenging journey over the course of 18 months.


(Article updated 13/10/20)

Posted by Claire Edwards 20 August 2020

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