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McDonald’s Net Zero Flagship Restaurant Opens

The new flagship store is setting a global example. Image ©

McDonalds has unveiled it’s first eco-friendly, net zero restaurant in Florida.

The flagship eatery, which has opened in Walt Disney World Resort on Buena Vista Drive, is able to create enough renewable energy to power 100% of the building’s usage.  The fast food giant has previously committed to sustainable innovation, and they hope that this example can not only serve as a learning centre for other facilities, but will also provide data to demonstrate their efforts to reducing emissions by 36% by 2030 (from 2015).

The restaurant has achieved this remarkable milestone towards global action by including 1066 solar roof panels and solar glass panels for windows, 1700 square feet of ‘breathing walls’ covered in CO2 absorbing green plants, solar powered street lamps, stationary exercise bikes for use by customers that turn kinetic energy into electricity whilst also promoting physical activity, and low flow plumbing solutions to limit water waste.



Posted by Claire Edwards 4 August 2020

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