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Climate Change Added to New Jersey Curriculum

The American state of New Jersey will be the first to include climate change within their curriculum, it was announced in the summer.

The topic of climate change with be introduced to their curriculum learning standards and will educate up to 1.4 million students from kindergarten to graduation. Whilst each district within the state will have flexibility in how the topic is taught, the standards have been made a requirement and are set to come into force this month as people return to school following the COVID-19 pandemic.

The standards, known as K-12, cover 7 broad areas which are now required to include climate change language targeted at educating children about the impacts of global warming as integrated within the subjects.  The 7 topics are 21st Century Life and Careers, Comprehensive Health and Physical Education, Science, Social Studies, Technology, Visual and Performing Arts, and World Languages.

Posted by Claire Edwards 5 September 2020

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