Attenborough Breaks Social Media Record

David Attenborough joined Instagram this week… and broke a world record in the process!

In a move that delighted social media on a global scale, the much-loved environmentalist’s new profile became the fastest to gain 1 million followers, according to Guinness World Records, in just 4 hours and 44 minutes.  The record was stolen from Jennifer Anniston, who joined in October last year, and gained her first million followers in a time 36 minutes longer than the renowned documentary presenter and naturalist.

The national treasure explains that he has joined the social media network because he needs to embrace a new way of reaching out to people, as our planet is ‘in trouble’.

Attenborough’s latest powerful TV documentary, ‘Extinction: The Facts’, aired on BBC1 in September, and shocked viewers with hard hitting facts and visual imagery of the impact we are having on the planet.  His new film, A Life on Our Planet, is expected to drop on Netflix on 4th October.

You can follow David Attenborough on Instagram @davidattenborough, watch ‘Extinction: The Facts’ on BBC iPlayer now.

Posted by Claire Edwards 1 October 2020

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