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Company Makes Biodegradable Cutlery from Avocados!

biodegradable cutlery

A Mexican company has started to address the issue of food waste by reusing avocado seeds and turning them into a biodegradable cutlery 'plastic'.

The company BioFase converts around 130 tonnes of avocado seeds into biodegradable cutlery each month. The seeds are made into a biopolymer called ‘avoplast’ which is then moulded into forks, knives, spoons and straws. The company makes 2 types of cutlery: one that takes about 240 days to biodegrade, and another type that is compostable. This method of reusing and upcycling radically reduces the carbon footprint of, and fossil fuels typically used to make, plastic cutlery.

According to the company, the cutlery is particularly durable, suitable for both hot and cold food and the first of its kind to be made from entirely renewable materials. The BioFase brand has taken Latin America by storm and we can only hope it makes its way across the globe soon.

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Posted by Iona Chichester 20 October 2020

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