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Eastenders Cast & Crew Go Green On-Screen

go green on-screen

The long-running BBC soap will now only serve vegan and vegetarian food during the show to go green on-screen.

BBC bosses employed an eco-consultant to help the show to go green on-screen, reduce their carbon footprint and do their bit in the fight against climate change. Eastenders cast and crew members have been advised to reduce their meat consumption and only serve vegetarian or vegan food on air, such as in the Queen Vic and Kathy’s café.

One of the reasons for this is because plant-based food can be easily reheated and thus reused throughout different takes. Moreover, the production of vegan and vegetarian food is much more environmentally friendly than in the meat industry. According to The Meatless Farm Co., if every household in the UK consumed just one meat-free meal each week, greenhouse gas emissions would fall dramatically and have the same effect as removing 16 million cars from the roads.

Posted by Iona Chichester 26 October 2020

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