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NASA Turns Ad Campaign into Air Purifying Billboard

purifying billboard

Technology developed by NASA has been integrated into a billboard in Bilbao, Spain; an ad campaign which The Guggenheim Museum claims will clean the air at the equivalent rate of 700 trees.

The air purifying billboard is advertising a new exhibit at The Guggenheim, ‘In Real Life’, which aims to draw visitors’ attention to some of the most urgent global environmental issues such as climate change, air pollution, ice loss and deforestation.  

The technology draws pollutants and bacteria from the air through process called photocatalysis.  The billboard is painted with a clear layer of Pureti Print, which causes the chemical reaction required – just 3 square feet is said to have the same impact as 1 adult tree. 

Innovation such as a purifying billboard is of great importance in the face of the climate emergency, and space agencies from around the world are currently at the centre of designing scientific and technological solutions. The UK Space Agency was this year granted £15million worth of funding to develop a new programme to help tackle climate change.  Known as The National Space Innovation Programme, it aims to develop ideas and solutions for global problems using new advanced space technology. 

What impact is the environmental crisis having on our resources? Find out here.

Posted by Claire Edwards 29 October 2020

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