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Nespresso Set New 2022 Carbon Neutral Target

Coffee giant Nespresso has set a new target to make every cup of its coffee, both at home and in professional capacities, carbon neutral by 2022.

In order to reduce their carbon footprint, they are investing in sustainable energy management systems, planting more trees across their coffee farms and, overall, offsetting their carbon emissions.

They have partnered with an ecosystems service, Pur Projet, to increase carbon sequestration by tripling the number of trees they plant in and around their coffee farms to take more CO2 from the atmosphere, increasing soil quality and biodiversity.

CEO of Nespresso, Guillaume Le Cunff, has said “Climate change is a reality and our future depends on going further and faster on our sustainability commitments. That is why we are accelerating our commitments to offer our consumers a way to drink a carbon neutral cup of coffee by 2022.”

According to reports, other coffee companies such as Costa and Starbucks are also taking valuable steps toward reducing their carbon emissions and the coffee industry’s contribution to the climate crisis.

Posted by Iona Chichester 14 October 2020

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