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Shop Smarter & Cut Waste: Households Could Be Saving £850+ Each Year

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A pilot study by Tesco and Hubbub has found that UK households can significantly cut food waste and save money by changing their food and shopping habits.

According to a report by the Guardian, UK households waste 6.6 million tonnes of food every year. Yet, a six-week trial run by Tesco and the environmental charity, Hubbub, saved 53 households an average of £16.50 in food waste each week, which would cut waste by a staggering 76%. This would amount to 76kg less food waste and an average saving of £858 per household each year.

The trial encouraged participants to shop smarter by noting down what they already had at home and meal planning before they went shopping. The most effective methods of reducing food waste came from batch cooking and freezing leftovers. Many participants commented on the ease of finding recipes online based on the ingredients already at home in order to consume food before its use-by date and ultimately cut waste.

Tesco has now launched an online platform for people who want to reduce food waste in the home – the Tesco No Time for Waste Challenge – which can be found online here:

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Posted by Claire Edwards 29 October 2020

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