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South Downs National Park Launches New Project

The South Downs National Park has announced a brand new project with the aim of building a network for supporting wildlife and local communities, as well as assisting in the fight against climate change.

The project is formally called The Green Infrastructure Framework – also known as ‘PANN’, which stands for The People and Nature Network.   It hopes to achieve their goals by promoting green infrastructure within future planning policy, and by raising funds to create environmental community projects within the South Downs region. 

The plan has been formed on the basis that nature is providing a range of processes – such as clean water and air, food and energy, photosynthesis etc. – ‘invisibly’ and ‘for free’ every day; yet these natural workings are being damaged and impacted by factors such as climate change, pollution and habitat loss.  The project wants to address this balance, so that ‘nature’s essential life supporting processes can occur without obstruction’ with 12 key areas of the park initially targeted on a long-term basis.   

The PANN has been consulted on by a range of partner organisations, including the Environment Agency, the Woodland Trust and RSPB, and was drafted to bring the South Downs National Park more in-line with the Government’s 25 Year Plan and ‘Race to Zero’ missions. 

Posted by Claire Edwards 15 October 2020

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