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Italy’s Efforts on Waste by Using Pasta Straws!

pasta straws
Image © @stroodles_straws (Instagram)

Some bars in Italy have been using pasta instead of plastic to help reduce waste.

Many eco-friendly alternatives to plastic straws have been introduced in recent years, such as paper, glass and bamboo. However, Italy has gone one step further in reducing plastic waste by serving their drinks with uncooked tubed pasta straws in place of the usual plastic alternative. The pasta straws last for up to an hour, are tasteless and even compostable. They require very little energy to manufacture and eradicate the need for single-use plastics in drinks.

In addition, there is a London-based company selling pasta straws named Stroodles. The straws are made from wheat and water, making them 100% vegan, they do not go soggy and they are also biodegradable, making them a great sustainable alternative to the plastic straws which have recently been banned in the UK. The colder the drink, the longer the straw lasts, but they can also be used to stir hot drinks without degrading.

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Posted by Iona Chichester 10 November 2020

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