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Young Activists Organise Mock COP26

mock cop26

Young activists from across the globe have been meeting virtually to discuss action for climate change.

Frustrated by the delay to COP26 – now to be held in November 2021 in the UK instead of this year, postponed by COVID19 – youth activists organised their own virtual mock COP26 summit throughout November.  

More than 350 activists from 142 countries held important virtual discussions online with both each other and climate experts. The discussions were framed around five themes: climate justice; education; health and mental health; green jobs; carbon reduction targets. 

The young activists expressed dismay that leaders did not fully understand the severity of the climate emergency they feel we are in, and held the virtual summit to draw up a final statement of recommendations, which they hope will be considered as law.  Organisers are planning to present the final statement on 1st December to leading climate champion, Nigel Topping.  

You can view the Mock COP26 recorded meetings here and find more information about the movement via their website. Find more tips and information via our Planetary climate action resources page 

Posted by Claire Edwards 30 November 2020

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