Planetary’s Top 10 Simple Eco Resolutions for 2022!

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Last year we had time to reflect – on how we live our lives, on what is important to us and on our futures – and so thinking up resolutions for 2022 is likely to be in full swing. 2021 was packed with a carry over of 2020 doom, drama and trauma for both the environment and us as humans… but a New Year brings new hope.  For many, it has been hard to imagine moving forward in any positive way but simply surviving – and that’s a big win.  But if you’re looking for a fresh purpose for 2022, let it be taking the planet more seriously. Make this one of your key focuses (after surviving, of course!)  Nobody is perfect, but adopting just one simple eco-resolution can still create real, tangible change.

Here’s our top 10 simple eco resolutions for 2022:

  1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – the most simple way to cut down on your environmental footprint is to always have these three words in mind.
  2. Donate – You don’t have to give money (we know that’s not a viable option for many right now.) You could donate spare food to foodbanks, old clothes to charity shops, or even your time by volunteering in a local soup kitchen, litter picking project or for your local wildlife charity.
  3. Buy locally – Cut out the time your products have to travel and support your local economy.
  4. Cut down plastic – Pick a few items that you can trade in for eco friendly alternatives. For example, buy a fabric shopper instead of buying plastic bags. Choose to shop for loose fruit and veg instead  wrapped. Or carry a reusable coffee cup!
  5. Spend more time outside – If there’s one thing lockdown allowed us all to do, it was to appreciate being outdoors. Not only is this good for your physically, but being outside in a natural environment has also been shown to carry benefits for mental health too.
  6. Shop sustainably – Look for labels that indicate Fairtrade and sustainable the manufacturing of products that might contain palm oil, soya or fish, and research brands to avoid.
  7. Turn off more – Taps, showers, plugs, lighting, electrical items. Can you turn them off in between use? Do it! Saving energy is vital to climate change.
  8. Change how you travel – Could you walk more? Are there cycle routes near your home? If you’re planning a holiday for 2022, are there other routes that you could take instead of flying, such as inter-railing? Looking for a new car? Consider an electric vehicle!
  9. Trade meaty meals – Agriculture (including meat farming) is one of the top contributors to global warming through clearing forests for space and the increased release of harmful gases. Switching just a couple of your meat meals for vegetarian options will contribute to change.
  10. Connect with nature – By getting outside everyday, by following more eco-activists across social media, by watching a nature documentary every month, by creating a checklist of wildlife parks to tick off during 2022… however you choose to do so, make your connection to nature a priority – we save what we care about.

Adopting one of the above resolutions for 2022? Let us know! Planetary would love to hear what you are doing to commit to the planet, and how you get on. #YourWorldYourFuture or email us at

The Planetary team would like to wish you a happy and healthy 2022!

Posted by Claire Edwards 29 December 2020

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