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Student Creates Mango Seed Ballgown!

An Australian student has made a beautiful full-length dress out of mango seeds for a school project.

Jessica Collins’ mango seed ballgown is made out of 700 mango seeds and took around 4 months to create during lockdown for her design technology lessons at Sydney’s Abbotsleigh boarding school.

The teen grew up on her family’s mango farm, Blushing Acres, in Dimbulah Queensland, and had grown frustrated at seeing the amount of fruit wasted each year during the packing process. She hopes her creation can help to highlight waste that could be repurposed.

To create her mango seed ballgown Jessica removed as much fruit as possible from each mango before pressure washing the rest from the pip.  She then dried the seeds out before stitching them onto her dress.

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Posted by Claire Edwards 4 December 2020

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