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The US Start-up Bringing Circular Economy to the Fashion Industry

Image © Thousand Fell

Get paid to recycle your footwear as new company Thousand Fell integrates circular economy to the fashion industry.

If you’ve ever gotten rid of old trainers, they are likely still in landfill somewhere. According to the footwear brand ‘Thousand Fell’, 97% of shoes end up in landfill, made of materials that do not biodegrade.

With the growing environmental issue of waste, ‘Thousand Fell’ sells a collection of vegan, zero-waste and recyclable trainers that are “future friendly”. The shoes are made from sustainable materials, such as recycled water bottles, castor bean, coconut husk and aloe vera. They are supportive, breathable, water and odour resistant, stain-proof, and last for more than 2,400,00 steps.

What is more, with the help of their recycling Partner, TerraCycle, Thousand Fell has set up a new programme by which customers can recycle their old trainers in exchange for $20 in cash toward their next purchase. Once the old trainers have been collected, they are deconstructed to salvage the original materials and then reused in the company’s supply chain, whether that’s for new shoes, upcycling or composting. A great example of circular economics within the fashion industry!

Check them out here:

Posted by Iona Chichester 8 January 2021

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