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Bristol Celebrates Greta Anniversary with Rewilding Project

Celebrations mark a year since the teen activist's visit to march with the city...

Bristol and Bath Parks Foundation have announced an innovative rewilding project to celebrate the first anniversary of teen sensation Greta Thunberg visiting the city.

Greta visited Bristol as part of her Fridays For Future campaign, in which students across the globe strike on a Friday to raise awareness for the impact climate change has on their futures. The Bristol march was organised by Bristol Youth Strike 4 Climate and attended by 15,000 people.

Having already repaired an area, College Green, following the march attendance, the foundation is now working with the group to transform the space bordering the green to enhance it as a habitat for nature.

According to their press release, the foundation plans to “include an area of meadows running alongside the Cathedral building and the planting of 500m2 of wildflowers and small flowering trees specifically designed to complement the Cathedral’s architecture together with a new hedgerow of native flowering species.”

“The meadows will contain native species like strawberry clover, cowslip, white campion, and tufted vetch and will be complemented with bright, flowering species like common poppy, cornflower and yellow rattle.  These are intended to attract pollinators including solitary bees, beetles, bumble bees, butterflies, hoverflies that will in turn support more insect feeding birds.”

The first ever World Rewilding Day will be celebrated on 20th March!  To learn more about the importance of rewilding, check out our Rewilding Solution, prepared in collaboration with the University of Sussex!

Posted by Claire Edwards 15 March 2021

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