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Transforming Plastic Bottles into Face Shields!

Image © Zaidi Recycling

How one Tanzanian recycling plant is changing the PPE game...

A recycling plant in Tanzania has started to recycle plastic bottles to produce protective face shields in the fight against Coronavirus.

Founded by Allen Kimambo, Zaidi Recyclers usually recycle waste paper for exportation to India and China, but after orders for paper decreased in 2020 as more lockdown measures were introduced, they swapped to plastic bottles and have been providing the shields to health centres and hospitals across the country.

The plant is not the only company re-tooling to provide solutions in the crisis, which has now impacted global health and economy for over a year.  Petit Pli has designed a new facemask fabric, also made from recycled plactic bottles, with a unique pleat design that can be expanded.



There are many global issues impacting the environment that both innovation and new inventions can help to resolve, and Covid-19 is no exception.

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Posted by Claire Edwards 11 March 2021

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