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UK Gov Considers Making Nature Studies Compulsory!

The topic would be introduced to students of all levels.

The UK Government is giving serious consideration to introducing nature studies to students.

According to The Independant, the education department is deciding whether schools could teach students lessons on subjects such as biodiversity.

The idea is part of a project backed by experts, including Sir David Attenborough, and could be introduced at all levels of education from primary to secondary.  The plan was a key suggestion of the Dasgupta review – a study conducted and published in February 2021 to identify and develop ways to change the manner a person thinks, acts, and gauges economic success whilst also protecting biodiversity and nature.

School’s minister, Nick Gibb, confirmed that Government is also considering introducing a new GCSE in natural history and would respond to the results of the review in due course.

Posted by Claire Edwards 19 March 2021

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