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Utah’s Wildlife Bridge!

The 320ft bridge provides safe crossing for wildlife over 6 lanes of traffic below.

Wildlife have already started to utilise a bridge placed at Parley’s Canyon, Utah, to protect them from the busy interstate below.

The American state of Utah’s Department of Transportation completed the building of a bridge in 2018, which crosses over a busy six-lane road, specifically for wildlife to use!

The crossing is 320ft long, and 50ft wide, and provides a safe overpass for migration of local animals, including moose, elk, raccoons, and deer.  The position of the bridge was based around expert advice from Utah Division of Wildlife Resources on the migratory patterms of local wildlife, and whilst it was initially thought that it could take some years before animals started to use the bridge, dozens of species have already been spotted making use of the crossing.

Utah in fact introduced their first such bridge in the 1970s, which is still in use today.



Posted by Claire Edwards 19 March 2021

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