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Write a Letter, Save the Rainforest with Reserva’s 1 Million Letters Campaign!

Planetary is thrilled to be working with Reserva: The Youth Land Trust to highlight and publish global youth voices from their incredible and inspiring campaing, 1 Million Letters! But what is the campaign? And how can YOU get involved?


Reserva’s mission is to empower young people to make a measurable difference for threatened species and habitats through conservation, education, and storytelling. Together, we’re working to create the world’s first entirely youth-funded nature reserve through youth-led fundraisers, donations, and matching funds from our partners at Rainforest Trust.

However we know that not every young person can donate cash, and we believe this should not preclude them from being part of our conservation effort. Our 1 Million Letters #ForNature campaign makes it possible for young people 26 and under to save the rainforest simply by writing a letter, regardless of their ability to raise or donate money.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Write a letter directed to world leaders explaining why you love nature, why we should protect nature, and asking world leaders to commit to protecting at least 30% of our planet by 2030. 
  2. Please include your name, age, and country. In the future, we hope to make these letters publicly searchable by country on a map so they can have the greatest reach and impact, so please do not include any extra identifying information.
  3. Then, we’re planning to bring all the letters we receive to as many international and UN conventions as possible so world leaders can hear what you have to say.We’ll match your letter with $3 toward Reserva’s youth-funded reserve projects—enough to protect a classroom-sized area of rainforest!


On our website, you can find a downloadable letter template, which is great for younger kids. Drawings are appreciated as well! Please send an image of your letter in an email or by mail if you’d rather draw and write by hand.

Letters can be submitted by mail (P.O. Box 57277, Washington, DC 20037), email, or directly through our website form.

Posted by Claire Edwards 20 April 2021

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