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UK Greenest Electricity EVER Recorded on Easter Monday

UK Electricity was the greenest it's ever been!

National Grid ESO has announced that the UK’s electricity sourcing was the greenest it’s ever been at 1pm on Monday 5th April, with the carbon intensity figure dropping to its lowest.

Renewables overtook all other sources over the bank holiday, with a combo of wind and sun across the country, with zero carbon making up almost a staggering 80% of power – wind power at 39%, solar at 21% and nuclear at 16%.

In 2020, the UK enjoyed a prolonged period of 68 days without the need to utilise coal, and coal-free hours are rapidly increasing in the Government’s race to net zero – 5,147 hours in 2020, compared with 3,666 hours in 2019, 1,856 in 2018 and 624 in 2017.

The news contrasts with the latest saga surrounding the potential commission of a new UK mine in Cumbria, less than 12 months after the last UK coalmine ceased production.

You can track renewable resourcing for electricity in realtime via the National Grid ESO carbon intensity app.


Posted by Claire Edwards 12 April 2021

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