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Peat Compost to be Banned from 2024

Image © Natural England

European peatlands hold five times more carbon than forests!

The UK Government has announced plans to ban compost containing peat for sale to gardeners by 2024.

Peat has been included in compost since the 1960s as it is great for holding onto water and air, which makes it the perfect component for growing plants.

However, disruption of peatland for use in compost or for clearing land for agriculture releases CO₂ to the atmosphere, which accelerates climate change. According to Natural England, European peatlands hold up to five times more carbon than forests.

Extracted from bogs, fens and marshes, peat takes thousands of years to form and is generally made up of decomposed animal remains and plants.

Garden centres offer a range of peat-free alternatives already, and the UK Government has also pledged to restore 35,000 hectares of peatland across the country by 2025.

You can read the full England Peat Action Plan here!

Posted by Claire Edwards 25 May 2021

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