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UK Students Sue Government Over Climate Crisis Impact

Image © Plan B via The Guardian

The claim focuses on a breach to the human right to life.

Three students have started proceedings to sue the UK Government for breaching their rights to life in failing to adequately address the current global climate crisis.

Marina Tricks, one of the three claimants, told The Guardian:

“As young people, as future generations, we are being denied our right to life because of the government funnelling billions of dollars back into the same carbon economies that have caused this crisis. We’re in the epicentre of destruction. It’s almost about weaponising the privileges we have of being in the global north.”

Backed by campaing group, Plan B, Adetola Stephanie Onamade, Marina Tricks and Jerry Amokwandoh will be requesting an official judicial review of the Government’s actions to cut national carbon emissions. They say that the plan to execute ‘Race to Zero’ net emmissions by 2050 falls far short of sufficient, and this, they argue, disregards their rights to life, family life and to not be discriminated against, which are protected under articles 2, 8 and 14 of the Human Rights Act.

Planetary will continue to report on the progress of this story… check back soon for updates!

Posted by Claire Edwards 1 May 2021

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