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Wildcats to be Reintroduced to the UK!

Image © Wildwood Trust

What would you do if you went out for a walk, and spotted a wildcat on the way?

It could soon be a real possibility, with conservationists giving Britain’s rarest mammal a new chance for wild survival for the first time in 200 years!

Currently, it is thought that less than 300 wildcats remain in the Scottish Highlands. However, wildlife charity, Wildwood Trust, are hoping to save the species by opening 10 new facilities in Kent and Devon in partnership with Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and Vincent Wildlife Trust. Suitable locations for the project are being researched by students from the University of Exeter.

Similar in looks to a tabby cat (but much larger and muscular) the European wildcat is Britain’s only remaining native cat species. The trust believes the reintroduction could ‘help restore the balance in ecosystems.’


Posted by Claire Edwards 25 May 2021

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