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College Principal Turns Dry Land into Mini Forest

Image © The Better India

The campus area has been transformed with 3000 trees!

The principal of a college in India has transformed an unused, dry area of land on his campus, planting 3000 trees and saving up to 1.2 million litres of water by building a rainwater harvesting pit!

Sasikanta Dash joined Puducherry’s Tagore Government Arts and Science College in 2017 and noticed that part of the campus was unused. Now, the area is thriving with 3,000 trees.



In addition to this, he also focussed on creating a huge rainwater harvesting pit. The college sits on a higher belt, which means rainwater runs off easily. He dug a 60×45 ft pit with a depth of 10 ft. It has a capacity to store 1.2 million litres of water.

When Covid shut the college in March 2020, forcing students that ordinarily support Dash to return home, he set about meticulously taking care of the forest alone.

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Posted by Claire Edwards 13 July 2021

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