So You’ve Scanned Our Special COP26 QR Code… on to find out about our powerful student project, & our hopes for the future as an organisation!

Welcome to Planetary! We are a new, up and coming organisation putting the environment at the heart of the work that we do. We are currently developing what we call our ‘Planetary Pathway’; a transformational arena for students to follow from school through to employment and beyond by utilising information and opportunities on our platform to establish their green integrity.  We firmly believe that the next generation is the answer to our planet’s issues, and by providing a positive space for collaboration and voice raising, we hope to encourage such a growth in confidence and action-taking that they can begin to make that difference.


What is the design on the front of my postcard about?

If you were transported to this page after scanning our unique QR code, it is likely that you located this on postcards created especially for COP26 by our project collaborators, UKSSN (specific credit to student representative, Rishi!) On your postcard, you will notice an image.  But this is not just any image… the images featured on these special postcards are all student entries to our international competition, ‘Words and Pictures for Your World.’  During the summer of 2021, in the shadow of COP26, we challenged secondary school students aged 11-18 to raise their voices for the planet through the mediums of poetry, art and photography.  Winners of the overall competition were voted for on our website by their peers and the Planetary community, and all shortlisted entries are subsequently being published into a powerful student anthology, which will be available to purchase shortly via Amazon.  Planetary will be reserving 50p per every copy sold for the conservation of an acre of rainforest through the World Land Trust’s ‘Buy an Acre’ programme – a lasting legacy not only for the project as a whole, but for the students and schools that stood up for their world. A link to the anthology will be available here shortly.

Such was the reach of our competition that we received numerous entries from international schools, and were delighted that three students from Nigeria were the overall winners in our international category. Prize packages will be delivered to a sponsored student delegate at COP26, to travel back to Nigeria for presentation. We are particularly proud that the project could amplify inclusivity and shared hopes for the planet across the globe. All winning entries can be viewed on our You tab.

Not only will video collages of all entries be broadcast onto screens within the Blue and Green zones of the COP26 exhibition (with thanks to PPLPWR and Global Action Plan) UKSSN student representatives visiting the summit will also form a ‘Roving Gallery’ of entries on their uniforms!

You can view both produced videos in full above and below.

What next?

As an organisation, we are forever hoping for support and opportunities to collaborate. If you think that you could work with us in some way to disseminate our shared passion and messages for the planet, or provide further opportunities for communities to engage and work together for our environment, please do get in touch.  You may also like to join our free community via our ‘You’ tab, which contains fantastic resources for progression along our Planetary Pathway, such as an extensive educational course database and multiple exclusive articles and guides.

Thank you for visiting our page. We hope that you have enjoyed learning about our project, and would be delighted to hear from you!

Posted by Claire Edwards 1 October 2021

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