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Meet Little Amal…

...a small girl on a big walk! How would YOU welcome her?!

This is the story of an incredible walk, ‘The Walk’, covering 8,000km from Syria to Manchester, through 65 villages, towns and cities, all to raise awareness for those displaced due to war and conflict.

At the heart of the walk is Amal – a 10 year old refugee making her way across Turkey to Europe to search for her mother after leaving her war-torn country, bringing together artists, communities and organisations and inspiring to make change along the way.  She recently visited COP26 to find out who’s going to put the world together again.

Little Amal – a 3.5m tall puppet, is the brain child of Good Chance Theatre, and created by Handspring Puppet Company, the famous creators of War Horse; but she started life as a character in award-winning play, The Jungle, representing the hundreds of unaccompanied minors in the Calais camp who were separated from their families.

At the end of 2020, there were thought to be 26.4 million refugees globally, and half of those are children, just like Little Amal.  The Walk celebrates resilience, courage and hope, and if you would like to support their fund, you can do so here.

Posted by Claire Edwards 11 November 2021

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