Ten 2021 Wins for the Planet

We are all glad to wave goodbye to 2021; the year of continuing social restrictions, global crisis, extreme weather disasters and of course, the dreaded Omicron. But 2021 did provide SOME positives for the planet, so as we hopefully leave the last crazy two years behind, let’s take a look back at what we should be celebrating

1. New US President, Joe Biden, immediately re-joined the Paris Agreement after being inaugurated.



2. He also cancelled the Keystone XL Pipeline! 


3. COP26 was held in the UK, and world leaders also pledged to end and reverse deforestation by 2030!



4. United flew the first passenger aircraft with 100% sustainable fuel.


5. The conservation status of the panda was upgraded from endangered to vulnerable.



6. Lobsters, crabs and octopuses have been recognised as sentient, and will be protected under new UK

welfare laws.


7. Almost 8.5 billion vaccinations were administered globally in the world’s fight against the pandemic – a triumph for modern medicine!


8. Urban bee populations have remained stable in the Netherlands.



9. An orchid thought to be extinct was found growing on the roof of a bank in London!


10. In Europe, electric vehicles outsold diesel versions for the first time.


Posted by Claire Edwards 5 January 2022

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