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Be More Sustainable This Valentine’s/Galentine’s Day!

Whether you're buying a gift for the one you love, your favourite friends or simply treating yourself, reduce your footprint this Valentine's Day by making conscious purchases for the planet!

Here’s our green rinse on some of those Valentine’s classics…


Chocolates are the ultimate valentine classic! Divine’s milk chocolate hearts are made with Fairtrade cocoa grown by family farmers in Ghana, and available via multiple stores.


Why not consider buying a flower pot for your special person, instead of ready cut flowers that will perish in a few days? Potted plants, such as succulents or orchids, last a long time if looked after correctly. OR go all out and buy them some flower bombs or vegetable seeds to grow themselves! Still got your heart set on that bouquet? Visit your local garden centre, or if you’re in a rush, your local supermarket may sell off bouquets destined for the bin late at night – save that flower power from being wasted!

Soft Toys:

In a world where 28% of toys are discarded in perfectly working order (British Heart Foundation, 2018) it’s time that we rewrite the tradition of purchasing unnecessary soft toys on holidays such as Valentine’s. Does your loved one really want/need/appreciate their 8th teddy bear holding a fluffy heart? The answer is probably, ‘no’.  Instead, why not consider adopting an animal symbolically via a charity, such as The Big Cat Sanctuary? If you choose to adopt a turtle through the Olive Ridley Project, you can even name your selected turtle yourself – the perfect gift for anyone! Or if your mind is made up on gifting that squishy plushie, why not buy one from a company such as Living Nature, who’s eco-range uses recycled plastics from drinks bottles and food containers? Alternatively, Marwell Wildlife’s Gift Shop offers a whole zoo’s worth of soft animals, all made from recycled plastic, and offer shipping for under £4 per item, allowing you to support a charity and real life critters at the same time.


Before splashing out on that ‘perfect’ pair of earrings or necklace, make sure you read Marie Claire’s guide to ethical jewellery for 2022.  Not only do they list their top brands, they also provide links to ethically sourced collections for ease of shopping that Planetary could simply not have written better ourselves!


It makes sense that perfume and fragrances can cause air pollution, as many are chemical-based and disperse into the air in much the same way as aerosols and other sprays. It is therefore becoming more important to consider the footprint of products we have always taken for granted, such as perfume. Why not consider alternative brands, such as Clean Beauty Collective, who use simple, non-toxic ingredients, recycled packaging and only partner with eco-friendly manufacturers? There are plenty of other companies out there with a similar ethic, so having that awareness this Valentine’s Day will help to guide your search in a greener direction!

Special Meal:

That special meal, for that special someone. A staple of Valentine’s night. You could challenge yourself, rather than splashing out on a takeaway or posh gastro ingredients, to cook from scratch using fresh ingredients from your local butcher, grocers, or farm shop.  If you want to go one step further for that eco-lover in your life, why not make it vegan? You can find some fantastic vegan recipes and suggestions on our social media pages!


The most appropriate estimate that can be found for the carbon footprint in a typical greetings card is 140g CO2e. That’s emissions that you really must question the necessity of. The impact of greetings cards across the globe is surprisingly high, especially when a simple text could take it’s place.  The good news is, there are plenty of companies that produce fully recyclable cards and envelopes nowadays.  You could, however, go one step further and buy a card containing seeds, that your valentine can plant afterwards. Earthbits offers a range of plastic free, handmade and plantable cards to suit every occasion!

Posted by Claire Edwards 10 February 2022

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