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Changemaker Helps 60,000 UK Swifts!

One man on a mission has built 30,000 nest boxes.

John Stimpson from Cambridgeshire has been building nest boxes for over 13 years, but likely never expected to reach such an achievement as to build over 30,000!

The 80-year-old celebrated the milestone last month, which could see him help up 60,000 individual swifts find nesting spots.  He started out making around 3 per day, but can now make up to 30, and wants to continue to make as many as possible.

Swifts are thought to have declined in numbers by over 50% in the last two decades, as towns and cities develop and rebuild sites that would have previously made good sites. They are now listed in the UK’s red list.

As well as boxes for swifts, John also creates boxes for owls, sparrows, blue tits, finches, blackbirds, thrushes and even hedgehogs!

What an incredible contribution to UK wildlife conservation!



Posted by Claire Edwards 10 February 2022

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