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Chester Declared World’s First Sustainable Palm Oil City

The achievement follows a project by conservationists from Chester Zoo, who developed the Sustainable Palm Oil City model based on the framework created by the Sustainable Fish Cities project.

Chester has been designated the world’s first sustainable palm oil city, thanks to efforts of Chester Zoo conservationists!

More than 50 organisations in the city have amended their supply chains and committed to sourcing palm oil from entirely sustainable sources.

The list includes businesses, restaurants, schools and manufacturers!

“This is a major moment in the fight to save orangutans and other wildlife from extinction.  A vast array of species are under threat and on the brink of being lost forever, because oil palm plantations are wiping out rainforests to produce the food and household items we all consume every day. But it is not too late. By embracing a more sustainable future, we can stop this crisis. The fact that more than 50 organisations in one city alone have made changes to the products they use – and committed to a 100% sustainable future – shows that the tide is turning. We are already seeing the wider impact of the campaign. More cities are now engaging in talks to follow this model and major large companies nationwide are working with us to make the switch to sustainable palm oil.  Thank you to each and every individual or organisation who has taken action to make Chester the world’s first Sustainable Palm Oil City. Together, we can prevent extinction.”

– Cat Barton, Field Programmes Manager at Chester Zoo

The project is particularly important, as the first deal of COP26 was to not only reduce deforestation by 2030, but begin to restore the forests that are so badly damaged.

Planetary is committed to conserving an acre of rainforest via the World Land Trusts ‘Buy an Acre’ programme, through sales of our amazing student anthology, Words and Pictures for Your World. 

You can also read more about palm oil here!


Posted by Claire Edwards 10 February 2022

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