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It’s All About the Sniff Test – Morrisons Scraps Milk ‘Use By’ Dates

It is hoped the move will encourage their customers to reduce waste.

Morrisons is set to be the first UK supermarket to scrap ‘Use By’ dates on milk products in favour of the classic ‘sniff test’.

The dates will be removed from 90% of their own brand milk to encourage customers to reduce their household waste through millions of pints being thrown away a year unnecessarily.

Milk is the third most thrown away product after potatoes and bread, but has the highest carbon footprint due to production resources.

Milk will still display ‘Best Before’ dates, in a similar approach to some Morrisons yoghurt and cheese products that already had their ‘Use By’ dates scrapped in 2020.

Morrisons’ top tips for making your milk last longer:

  • Put your milk in a cool bag when bringing it back from the supermarket
  • Refrigerate your milk as soon as you get your shopping home
  • Maintain your fridge at between 1- 4 degree Celsius
  • Never drink from your milk bottle
  • Close your milk bottle immediately after use
  • Do not leave your milk out of the fridge.
Posted by Claire Edwards 10 February 2022

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