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We Stand Against War

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In the face of ongoing conflict, we stand with Ukraine and divert our thoughts to both the Ukrainian citizens currently under attack, and those Russian civilians who didn't agree to the oppression and war they now face.

The outbreak of war in Ukraine has devastated their innocent citizens, many of whom are now displaced from their homes and families, the Russian nationals who do not support the oppression they face (and now suffer the consequences of sanctions placed on Russia), bordering European countries such as Poland and Estonia who fear invasion themselves, and the whole world, who are watching on in horror.

We stand against any act of war or oppression that threatens peace, human rights, democracy and freedom. And we hope you will too, by adding your voice to our collective register, standing together for people and the planet. You can add your voice here.

How can I help the people of Ukraine?

This is a question many people across the world are currently asking, as we struggle to both understand the situation and how best to support those most in need. Here’s some ideas to get you started:

  1. Write to your MP – let them know how you feel about the war, and ask the Government to do more to support those effected. Write to your local MP here.
  2. Buy digital files from Ukrainian sellers on Etsy – search for digital products, such as graphics or patterns, by location, which can be automatically delivered by email but will provide vital funds to the seller to live on. (Be sure to search by location, to filter out fake fundraisers!)
  3. Support Ukrainian charities working on the ground or fundraising appeals, such as Sunflower of Peace,United Help Ukraine,  Voices of Children and The British Red Cross. Other charities include British-Ukrainian Aid, who support injured and displaced people, and Come Back Alive, who supply software and equipment to the Ukrainian military.
  4. Verify your sources before sharing – follow reliable feeds such as on Instagram, or local journalists. Kyiv Independant and New Voice of Ukraine are two English-language speaking news outlets on the ground in Ukraine. Other UN verified sources include UNHCRthe BBC and the World Economic Forum.
  5. From the 1st of March, all Facebook fundraisers set up for donations to EAZA will be redirected to support staff at Mykolaiv Zoo, Kyiv Zoo and Kharkiv Zoo. They are still managing to provide care for their animals and for the moment, their staff and their families remain safe, but resources are depleting.
  6. Learn more and stay informed – knowledge is power, and you can learn everything you need to know from the UN Refugee Agency here.


Part of Planetary’s ‘Your Planet Needs You’ campaign, artwork by Jessica Edwards.
Posted by Claire Edwards 28 February 2022

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