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Wild Giraffe Population Increases Since 2015

New research delivered the good news last month.

Giraffe populations across Africa have slowly increased in the last 7 years, a new study has shown.

There are thought to be approximately 117,000 wild giraffes, which is around 20% higher than the statistics of 2015. Though the increase – a result of intensive conservation efforts and relocation programmes – is great news, the plight of the giraffe is still vitally important and urgent.

Giraffes are threatened by habitat degradation and fragmentation as towns and cities grow and expand, climate change, and poaching for sport or for their tail hair, which is used for materials such as in jewellery making.

The most threatened species is the Northern giraffe with just 5900 individuals remaining, with subspecies listed as critically endangered.

For now, we celebrate the renewed hope for these gentle giants!

Giraffe charities to support:

The Giraffe Conservation Foundation

African Wildlife Foundation

World Giraffe Foundation

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Posted by Claire Edwards 10 February 2022

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