Plastic Blood – How Microplastics are Invading the Human Body

Microplastics were found in the blood of 80% of participants.

Microplastic particles have been discovered in human blood for the very first time.

Researchers tested 22 anonymous donors and found microplastics present in the blood of 17 participants. The microplastics where from plastics that are commonly used in drinking bottles and food packaging.

Scientists fear that the particles could lodge in internal organs if carried around the body in the bloodstream, causing a whole host of health issues.

As the researchers tested a very small sample, they are conducting further tests to establish whether the results can be generalised to the wider population.

Plastic pollution is one of the planet’s biggest environmental problems, with microplastics consumed by humans regularly in food and even found in falling rain and the placentas of unborn fetuses!

With plastic pollution set to continue to rise with projected increases to the global population, industry and economy, the development is a cause for concern, and one that Planetary will be following closely.

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Posted by Claire Edwards 25 March 2022

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