Happy Earth Day 2022

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What can you do to celebrate?

Happy Earth Day! 

Starting as a movement in 1970, over 1 BILLION people have since been mobilised to take action for the planet. For Planetary, EVERY DAY is Earth Day! Read on to find out what you can do to support and celebrate Earth Day every day of the year! 

How can you celebrate Earth Day?

Here’s some simple tips on how you can celebrate your planet, today and every day!

1) Calculate your environmental footprint to identify personal areas for improvement

2) Reduce, Reuse, Recycle as much as possible, e.g. cut out plastics, buy only what you need and shop sustainably! 

3) Introduce more vegan meals into your diet, or make some simple plant-based swaps

4) Change your energy source to a green provider… consumer demand is powerful!

5) Support the Great Global Cleanup by joining a local litter pick, plogging or beach clean group! There are even SUP clean up groups now if you want to add extra adventure…

6) Change paper bills to online notifications –  a simple change that can make a big difference

7) Conserve electricity and water around the home and office by turning off lights and taps. Taking short showers and flushing toilets less also helps! 

8) Rewild your garden, or scatter easy-grow wildflowers to encourage biodiversity.

9) Increase your knowledge – read our Learning Resource and Solutions pages on the Planetary website for more tips and ideas! 

How are you celebrating your planet? Get in touch! 

Posted by Claire Edwards 22 April 2022

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