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Tallinn Announced as Europe’s Green Capital of 2023

Image © Tallinn

The Estonian city will lead the way next year.

Tallinn in Estonia has been crowned as Europe’s Green Capital for 2023.

The city will lead a new network of 19 European cities aiming to implement the UN Sustainable Development Goals at the local level.

In making the award, a jury of experts assess applications in accordance with 12 key environmental indicators:

1. Air quality

2. Noise

3. Waste

4. Water

5. Nature and biodiversity

6. Sustainable land use and soil

7. Green growth and eco-innovation

8. Climate change: Mitigation

9. Climate change: Adaptation

10. Sustainable urban mobility

11. Energy performance

12. Governance

Tallinn is one of the best-preserved medieval cities in Europe and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with protected green spaces making up approximately 20% of the city. They offer free public transport and have implemented a ‘meadow highway’ for wildlife.

Posted by Claire Edwards 3 June 2022

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