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Forest Fun Guys: How Fungi Could Help Fight Climate Change

Specific species of fungi might play a big part in forest action...

Some fungi species have been discovered to help fight climate change by increasing the amount of CO2 trees can absorb.

In a paper written by young British science writer Zara Hussan, the ‘fungal life support system’ is explored and explained.

The fungal system works with the root system of the trees, helping them to absorb more water, carbon and other nutrients.  Researchers from Imperial College London revealed that one particular type – ectomycorrhizal fungi – enables certain trees to absorb CO2 faster.  Another, Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) reduces CO2 levels in the atmosphere.  The use of such compounds as fertilisers has increased the biofertiliser market exponentially.



Posted by Claire Edwards 13 July 2022

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